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Troubleshooting a tripped breaker is not always as

simple as resetting it

Resetting a breaker is not always the good fix for a circuit. Call Roberts Electrical Service LLC of Canton, NC today to speak with one of our experts.


Reasons a breaker trips:

•  Overload

•  Dead short

•  Ground fault

•  Ark fault


Resetting a breaker more than once could mean there are deeper issues than an overload. Overloads tend to be the most frequent occurring problem but when an overload happens, problems may be arising. The best solution to breakers tripping multiple times is to call a professional. Trying to fix the problem yourself disturbs the clues electricians look for in diagnosing the problem.  


If you are unsure about the issue or you have any questions, please call us right away! Don't take any chances with electrical issues in your home or business.  

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Sometimes you can fix the problem without calling a professional